TransWin 2.0: Helps set transparency to windows, make  them to be transparent.

TransWin 2.0

TransWin helps set transparency to windows. Unlike Windows Vista/7 Aero, it can set the transparency to the whole client area of any windows. It can also set transparency to task bar, start menu, pop up menu etc. It can be used to set transparency under Windows 2000/XP too. The transparency ratio is controllable, and it supports filters to let you control the transparency for special programs and windows.

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AlphaToys 1.0: AlphaToys is a set of 16 filters that let you work on the transparency of images

AlphaToys 1.0

transparency of images; the Alpha channel. Sure, your graphics application will probably allow you to change parts of the transparency in your image using an eraser tool, and you can probably delete selections. But can you quickly convert from color information to transparency. Can you easily blur the transparency? Can you conveniently sharpen the transparent edges without having to resort to a longwinded process? And if you do, can you go back and

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eXtra Buttons 2.1.18-beta: eXtra Buttons: Utility buttons in the title of the window

eXtra Buttons 2.1.18-beta

Transparency - makes the window transparent according to adjusted level. You may adjust any default transparency level. * Percentage transparency - makes the window transparent according to percents from pop-up Transparency Menu. * Minimize to Tray - minimizes window and places its icon to System Tray. * Minimize to Tray Menu -minimizes window and places its icon to System Tray Menu. * Move to Another Monitor - places the window on another screen

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Actual Transparent Window 6.6: A tool letting you quickly set and vary transparency level of any given window.

Actual Transparent Window 6.6

transparency feature applicable to any single window. It gives you means for efficient workspace usage along with productivity boost. Simple and convenient controls will help you take advantage of new technologies for reaching optimal organization of your work. You can turn on transparency via different short manipulations. It`s possible to use the extra button on the window title bar, double click the title bar or activate transparency by a hotkey

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WindowStudio 1.3: Expansive Features Like: Change Titlebar Text/Icon, Resize Any Window, And More!

WindowStudio 1.3

WindowStudio is desktop customization suite that includes many powerful tools such as: Change Window Title Bar Text/Icon, Save Window Icon Into File, Set Window Transparency, Enable/Disable Window Close Button, Make Window Float, Disable Clipboard, Permanently Change IE Text, Change Taskbar Transparency, Resize Unresizable Windows, And More!!

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Uimix 2.0: Secures the viewing of sensitive information by mixing it with its background.

Uimix 2.0

Uimix is a window transparency manager that secures the viewing of sensitive information by allowing you to adjust the transparency of a selected window, mixing it with its background. Therefore, the information remains viewable for your eyes only, vital in today`s organizations which often have open working areas.

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Actual Window Manager 6.6: Forget the windows chaos on your PC desktop and concentrate on work.

Actual Window Manager 6.6

transparency, roll up, pin on top, auto-align windows, resize, etc. Any of these operations (and many others) can be done in a click on the title buttons, which are added to the standard Minimize/Maximize/Close buttons after the installation. In addition to buttons, users can set up specific settings to be applied to predefined windows automatically (for example, 50% transparency for Winamp). Installation and getting started is remarkably easy. Once

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Icon Plugin for PhotoShop 2.0: A slim plug-in lets users create compelling icons directly in Adobe Photoshop

Icon Plugin for PhotoShop 2.0

transparency and semi-transparency and allows making icons, which are compatible with Microsoft Windows XP and Vista. The plug-in also supports non-standard icons of different sizes and color resolutions, including monochrome, 16 colors, 256 colors, 24-bit True Color, and 32-bit True Color with semi-transparency. Customers have an ability to add and remove sub-icons from icons. The plug-in is compatible with all versions of Adobe Photoshop, including

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AMC PNG-MNG Construction Set 4.0a.09: Create MNG animations, transparent PNG files, banners, buttons and more.

AMC PNG-MNG Construction Set 4.0a.09

AMC PNG-MNG Construction Set represents the state-of-the-art in animation software. Assemble your original animations effortlessly through its Animation Wizard, squeeze them down with its Supercompressor; create eye-catching banners and animated transitions; add transparency to PNG graphics and lots more. PNG and MNG graphics transcend the color and structural limitations of GIF files. Get up to speed quickly with its extensive documentation.

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TheAeroClock 2.64

transparency "The Aero Clock" is a simple but at the same time beautiful desktop clock. This Windows program can be used as a portable avert. This very decorative desktop clock shows the local time at the Desktopt. The basic functions: total transparency, size, setting, and the selection of the Clock-texture or the appearance are available. This program is part of "DesktopSchneeFree", deserves a self-existence, according to the user. After personal

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